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Customer Comments

Name Business Comment
Roger Washburn Armstrong Airconditioning I want to thank you again for the UniData programming class you taught here at Armstrong. I have been able to incorporate many of the things you showed us into current projects. I especially love the browser/flat file shell, which I have already used on multiple occasions. Although I continue to research the SCROLL.INQ parameters, since we use both smart and dumb terminals, which conditions the left/right stuff. There are some things that I still feel pretty weak on. I owe that to not having taken Intro classes, like I-descriptors, beginning UniQuery, etc. and due to the fact that all the classes I did take were Ardent classes that had no knowledge of ROI nor M2k programming "anomalies" (or should I say enhancements?). I want to stress that the Ardent instructor was an outstanding teacher but was not able to take the course in the M2k direction ... which made your class so invaluable since you understand the M2k approach to UniBasic, etc.

I would have liked to attend your other classes as I feel they could have helped me tremendously. I have recommended to my former employer that they send my replacement to your classes instead of the Ardent training ... and to not skip any classes.
Gloria Cramer Casino Data Systems I am very glad I took your class prior to doing this upgrade. I learned so
many basics from you that I have built on! You are a good teacher.
Thank you!
Terry Miller Paslode We run our daily sales reports (12 flavors) out as HTML (tks to DAG) and e-mail them to the sales people, who use their Internet browsers to view them.  Works great and looks great... (thanks Dave)
Jennifer Hendryx Interior Systems Inc.

I wanted to thank you for letting me join the class last week.  I am amazed at how much I learned in 5 days.  I know these new skills will help me out tremendously in my role as M2K administrator.  I really appreciate all the help with the SFDC.LABOR.ENTRY subroutine also.  My materials manager is thrilled with the results.  I believe the words he used were awesome and sweet.

I have already put several of my new I-descriptor skills to the test and have found that I have been pretty successful so far.