DAG Consulting

762 S. Cottonwood Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85296-2811
(480) 201-7953


DAG Consulting was started in November of 1995. It is a family owned company with David Green as Senior Programmer, Trainer, and Consultant. David has been in the computer business since 1985. He has worked in companies such as SoftSolutions (Novell), Dynix (Ameritech Library Systems), and Unidata (Ardent). David has created new modules that have interfaced with copiers, phone systems, customer support, and conversions. He started the IS department for Ameritech Library Systems including many different types of PICK Operating Systems. He also wrote optimizing programs that would diminish manual keyboarding. He has also spent many hours writing documentation about UniData.

David has enjoyed teaching UniData classes since 1994.   His classes can be customized to the clients background and needs.  David has a good relationship with ROI and tailors his classes to M2K.  David always receives great ratings from students, who love his enthusiasm and love for the product.